The end of 2019, I MADE IT!

So happy the years coming to end, I love this feeling, like a fresh start, new beginning. This year has taught me a lot and is going to help me on my next journey in life, 2020, a new decade. when you start fresh anything that means you’re getting rid of stuff, old things. It’s going to bother me but i’ll get over it like everyone else did, does.

Recap of the year2019 

This year I learned alot about myself, others and my surroundings. I lost a GREAT friend over BS I can’t even tell you what happened, smh. But its water under the bridge now, right? I’ve had bad mental, family and medical problems that I had to go through alone, not by choice either. my 12 yr old son, I LOVE HIM. I believe people have laughed at me behind closed doors not realizing that/this is who I am. I am a kind hearted person who will give their last dollar, drink, you get the idea. I reached out to people that I believed needed someone to talk to because that’s what was portrayed and thats who I am, I didn’t/ don’t have people to talk too at certain times. its hard to live everyday thinking and believing over half your “friends” aren’t even friends, smh. they are there to gossip and not actually be there they way you need them too. After expressing certain things you think people would understand or ask questions to understand, nope. I also learned about yourself, oneself, himself, herself, you get the idea.

  As the year is coming to an end A DECADE, I have a few things to do:

  1. go through ALL my social media and delete people; everyone basically.  Why keep people around who are just there to see what you’re doing and gossip? why keep those around who ignore you?
  2. Going to personally address a few things because i’m not afraid and I want to know. You want to know something, go figure it out on your own. Reach out to the person you’ve been wanting to, good or bad and TALK, as long as its off your chest, right?
  3. Prepare for a new year, FRESH start. even though its another day to most, to some it means more than just a day.

Whats going to happen next?

nothing drastic at all. i’m going to take care of me, simple.

  • Focus and understand Self-care
  • Strengthen me and my family from every angle as well as my health
  • start blogging again and keep up with it
  • Get into photograph


until next time everyone 

the return


Hey everyone!!

its been at least a year and MAAN has it been a long one. I recently got inspired to re visit the site, looking around I would like to get back into this. to become a blogger you have a lot of planning and organizing to do that I didn’t know about that is ACTUALLY necessary in my eyes now. please bare with me as I start this journey alone this time around, I KNOW.


I have a few of my own but I would really like to know what you guys would like to read or know about myself. I want to be extremely active here, talk to people and make friends.

please let me know. leave a comment, idea, suggestions, information anything!


Thanks a lot everyone and thank soon


Talk less listen more — Success Inspirers’ World

If you do talk too much, That is not a very good Thing; You must talk less And listen more; You will learn so much From others who speak; Talking more than you Should talk, Will make you say what You should not say; Gossip will become your Stock in trade; Which is sure not […]

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Time for a change


Time for a change is right!!! 

It’s never to late to change something, one thing, even if its small. It may be small to others BUT its HUGE to yourself and that’s all that matters. The word change means differently to people and has many definitions. Change, in this context, means to replace or make shift to something. As well it means to make a complete difference or a modification to something.

Instead of looking left, look right. see whats down that hallway and succeed.

Instead of driving down the street to the store, walk.

Start writing and keeping a journal, you have to put your thoughts somewhere. (Don’t keep things bottled up. you’re not telling anyone by writing down, your letting air into your brain by exhaling your thoughts.)

You have an idea, research about it. Theres no harm on getting information, is there??

Worry about being better; Bigger will take care of itself.

Garry Comer


One of my experiences with change

Even when you don’t want to change, you have to suck it up and do it if you want better. One change i did was to start worrying about myself and stop, well try to stop worrying about others so much. When you reach out to someone you normally respond back BUT after getting BOLDLY ignored repeatedly, it gets quite annoying. Makes me think, why should i care so much? Going through the things i went through, big or small, important or not, people really weren’t there for me. When the tables turn though, did i answer? lend a hand? be there when i could? Yes i did or i tried my best too. Did i get myself into situations i shouldn’t have? yes i did. Did i put others before myself? yes i did. There are things in general people would do just to make sure a “friend” is alright.

One day i was sitting in my room, in a mode, i took a step back in head and went into deep thought about EVERYTHING in my life.

“what the heck is going on?”

“how did this happen!?”

“this is to far!”

“what can I do?”

“who was/is there for me?”

“what is the real definition of ( for emaple- friendship, trusthworth, aniexty etc)”

When I started worrying about myself, no lie, things got done and started getting better. Mentally, physically and emotionally i was getting so MUCH better. I needed to change something or nothing would have changed. I starting analyzing situations, doing a lot of research and started setting goals for myself, big and small. One by one things were new, friends were lost, lessons learned and I’m still living. If i had a chance to go back in time and change something, i would’t. I wouldnt want to change anything because everything happened for a reason.

After making this type of change, I feel a lot better about myself. i feel confident and i see a side of myself that has been lost for a while. i also realized you will never know your potential, strength or patience until you make a change within yourself, big or small.


One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead on what they have to gain.






RELAX and REFRESH — The Busy Young Mom

Hi there! Welcome to our blog page. Usually, I sit and write for days or maybe weeks and then I would edit and post. However. With the move, diving back into work and trying to get back into to swing of things, I made no time to sit and write. Which led me to thinking. […]

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love and mental health


two emotions that are hard to mix if you arent patient. everyone is allowed to love, the right people will understand.

it is extemely hard to love when your dealing with deppression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorders etc. Falling in love is not as hard as keeping it together, in the middle of a fight on a bad day.

I believe that its important to let you significant other know whats going on adn make him understand, no matter the disorder. The understsnding of everything will make things go a lot smoother. if they dont want to understand this side of you, dont force it upon them.

I fell in love right when things in my life were about to get rough. i still made things work but then thingd personally were getting worse. i tried to explain what i was going on with me and what kind of support i need battle depression, anxiety and a few other problems. i tried not to get him mixed into it but i guess it gave off a different vibe. i explained clearly and made sure nothing can go wrong but the whole time the trick has been played on me. after a year a good going on great things start falling apart because my personally life was getting complicated. i admitted it, promised, begged and all that, tried my hardest. nothing was cutting it until he decides to leave because it was getting tough, he couldnt handle it. thats one of the worse things that can happen. at this moment your life is falling apart and your love is playing games while your screaming for a text or a little attention. After that things start to get sneaky, fake, damaging, you get the idea.



  • A intense feeling of deep affection
  • A person or thing that one loves
  • when someones happiness is your happiness
  • unconditional commitment to an imperfect person
  • when someone breaks your heart and you still want them around
  • Feel a deep romantic attachment to

when in love, to me, you trust that person with everything you have. you love them even on there ugly days, you are right next to them turning there frown upside down. I was in love with him and did exactly that and then some. You are eager or want to understand everything in there life and what they going through A-Z. the more you love them the more trust you build with one another and once that trust is built and is great, i suggest not to tamper or break it. Thats also what i did, i loved him and gave him everything i could, even when i didn’t have it he had it. Once that trust is broken, there really isn’t a reason to keep trying. you will definitely look like a dumbass, i know. Don’t keep trying because he is definitely using and laughing at you behind you back.

Take a step back and focus on your mental health because quite frankly no one else will. Understand what your body and mind will experience and what you need to do to handle this. its nothing to be ashamed of, embrace it and let it be part of who you are as a person.

My relationships were extremely affected by this and made it worse each time after. ill be honest, the way i see, do, trust, open u too etc. has changed over the years, for the good and bad. I believe that if there was a 100% understanding the way it should of been, things would of went down extremely different. But over the years it opened my eyes in many ways and i’m not mad. I’m thankful for the lessons i learned and knowledge i gained.


One day, you will have to put your foot down to experience your life the way you want. Love yourself first, you won’t regret it.




how ima do this

Hello everyone 

im going to try my best to blog at least once a week right now. As I said, im a single mom and im extremely new at this. I do have daily and weekly commitments that i have to attend to and im doing my own learning crash course on blogging.

I would like to reach all lengths of topics on my blog and put myself out there to help others, i listen. I love active followers. I repeat and suggest anytime leave a tip, a suggestion, topics or blog discussions EXTREMELY appreciated.


Growth in many forms

When you think of growth what do you think of?

There are many forms of growth but for me, the new growth that happened to and with me I see it two ways. I’ll be honest, in my late 20’s i relized and understood growth on a personal level.


plants, it takes one day at a time and patience to grow. After losing something that meant the world to me, yea a boy 🙄, I realized that I had TOO much going on and I was going to explode. I then took a step back from life, looked at it at a different angle and BAM. Stop biting so much you can’t handle, so I spit it all out and took it day by day with a lot of patience. When you water a plant(s) you do it daily. As well you are patient and wait days, weeks even months before you see growth and or any type of change.

In order to grow and shine you need to have patience. As well, you need to take it one day at a time. -Keyy


A persons’ stage of growth because you have to understand that your body grows physically and mentally. With that so does your maturity and responsibilities. After becoming a young mom things had to stop like partying, hanging out all hours of the night and being irresponsible. I had to mature up, hang that up, grow up and learn that my responsibilities were larger, permanent and more important. When looking at this picture you see that you are getting bigger, you’re not staying the same size or shrinking. You are growing, you are becoming more responsible and maturing into an adult. with maturity the responsibilities and commitments become larger and serious. As much as people probably don’t want to grow up, you have too eventually.

Let your body grow and accept it. The more you accept and understsnd the growth the better adulding will be. -Keyy

Why still try and be a friend

Why even have this thought in your head…

unfortunately yes.

Growing up knowing these people all your life you shouldn’t have to think or second guess the friendship that was built over the years, even decades.

Becoming older, getting more responsibilities and adulting is hard, I get it. But why is keeping friends harder and harder as you become an adult?

I guess what I’m trying to get at is no matter the situation, there are people out there still trying to be a genuine friend. Not all the time we want to go out, ask for something or need a favor. It’s a thing to see how your day was, to say hi and make sure your doing well that day, genuine friend.

Don’t let assumptions ruin a friendship.


you guys can call me Batgirl or Keyy and this is my first blog

me- single mother of 1 with a passion for children

im looking to spread my knowledge, share my stories as well as help and support whoever needs it.

feel free to leave suggestions!

whats my first topic?